May 2020 Top QTB Breaker : C R i m x O N

Quest Treasure Box Breakers are your friends brave enough to defeat the new meta?
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May 2020 Top QTB Breaker : C R i m x O N

Post by Ophan » Tue May 19, 2020 6:48 pm

C R i m x O N

banner designed by: Suisei
article designed by: Falchion

C R I m x O N (Guillotine Cross), who is new to breaking the Quest Treasure Box easily dethroned Kinshiki Otsutsuki through the help of his friends! He crushed the Quest Treasure Box for 78 times!

At first, Kinishiki Otsusuki, our last month’s Top QTB Breaker who’s eyeing for the 3-peat tried to match the skills of our Top QTB Breaker by this month but he couldn’t as C R i m x O Nis not alone. He is with his friends coming from Aldebaran and Alberta (Upper), they were a high-calibre players of the game! Destroying everyone who dares to stop C R i m x O N for winning this month’s Top QTB Breaker!

C R i m x O N together with his friends proved that they have a high IQ in the game, using different skills like land protector, neutral barrier, pneuma, wall of fog and etc. depending on what his opponent’s throw to be able to counter it all! Also, using duals to be able to deal much damage per second and making sure all of it has 193 aspd as the Quest Treasure Box is only receiving 1 damage per hit no matter what skill or attack you do.

Our Top QTB Breaker for this month C R i m x O N, who work his ass out to top the leaderboards. Demolishing every Quest Treasure Box may it be from Last Man Standing or No Limit Morroc! He surely made a statement by his name as he left his rivalries in sorrow and pain straight to their hearts

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