December 2019 No. 1 PK : Le tiens

Channel your inner gladiator spirit and climb to the top!
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December 2019 No. 1 PK : Le tiens

Post by Leoneis » Mon Dec 16, 2019 8:17 am

Le tiens: No1 PK December 2019

Omega l MyRO Illustrator
Juji l MyRO Writer


The PK Crown is Yours!~

Le tiens [Rune Knight] dominated the war arena as she beheaded those who dared to distrupt her reigne in the PK series.

Last Saturday, December 14, new set of players battled it out sword by sword, fist by fist, bottle by bottle and many more as each one of them tried to climb to the top and be the last man standing in the event.

A fearsome rune knight from the town of Malaya tested her faith and joined the event.
She started strong, not giving any chance to the players she faced.

Round by round, no matter how fast or strong the enemy is, Le tiens still pushed through. Using different combos and lethal hits, she easily crushed each enemy she gets to encounter with.

In the end, it was an easy match for the Rune Knight. She was hailed as the #1 PK Champion for the month of December, wearing the crown with pride and bringing honor to his savepoints.


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