October 2019 Top Breaking Guild : Douce Vengeance

Is your guild fast enough to be the number 1 breaking guild?
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October 2019 Top Breaking Guild : Douce Vengeance

Post by Seraph » Tue Oct 08, 2019 8:51 am

Douce Vengeance

banner designed by: Omega
article by: Falchion

Malaya once again claimed their throne! A guild named Douche Vengeance led by South Queen from
Malaya now holds the Top Breaking Guild for the month of October 2019!

They have found the true weakness of their foe, spamming emergency calls and killing their foes breaker
was one solution they did! Not just that but always defending their breaker with fellow guildmates.
Ensuring that their breaker would reach the emperium and obliterate it.

Malaya, showed to us yet again that there were still left in their gas tank! Using their last month lost as a
lesson and using it as a weapon to lead the way into being the Top Breaking Guild! Kudos to their strategic
skills and maturity, always learning from their mistake and retaining the confidence, finding a way to
destroy the opponent and topping the leaderboards once again! Well played!

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