October 2019 Top Emperium Breaker : Marcie of Malaya

Are you strong enought be part of the Top Emperium Breakers?
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October 2019 Top Emperium Breaker : Marcie of Malaya

Post by Seraph » Mon Oct 07, 2019 5:04 pm

Marcie of Malaya

banner designed by: Suisei
article by: Juji

3 month rest is enough?

Marczie of Malaya is back and hailed as October's Top Breaker!

The legend is back! The well-respected Guillotine Cross from the town of Malaya came back to once again run for the Top Breaker Event!

Coming off to an early lead in the first few days, Marczie was caught off-guard by his opponents as he became inactive in a shortwhile. With this, Marczie had a hard time trying to gain the lead again from his foes. WIth the help of his guild members and his strategic plan on how to outnumber the breaks in the ladder came into a success!

With a hostage on the other two small castles and a chain on Yesnelph, he easily advanced player by player in the ladder. Doing this strategy throughout the whole run, he became the winner as he finishes off in the first place!

With this, Marczie of Malaya is hailed as October's Top Breaker and received the Top Breaker Balloon together with PODS and glory to his hometown!


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