Careers: Illustrator

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Careers: Illustrator

Post by * Yang * » Thu Jul 25, 2019 12:21 am

Contact Person:
Email Address:

Position Title: ILLUSTRATOR
No. of Available Position: **to be announced**
Educational Requirements: None required
Experience Requirements: At least 3 months of Ragnarok gaming experience
Training Requirements: None required

Preferred Qualification/s:
  • Passion for design;
  • Above average skill in graphic design, use of essential design tools; and
  • Strong organizational skills and time management.

Job Description/s:
  • Creates graphic designs in recognition of winners of the main events in MyRO;
  • Creates graphic designs for advertisements and server utilities of MyRO;
  • Strictly adheres to work assigned, on specified deadlines;
  • Uploads projects on personal blogs to be used as server reference;
  • Ensures availability availability of raw materials (screenshots, etc.) for timely presentation of projects; and
  • Completes other tasks as may be assigned by the Forum Admin and/or Sub Admin and Admin.

Accomplish Application Form: Click Here

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