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MyRO Forums Rules & Regulations

Post by Seraph » Wed May 15, 2019 11:53 pm

Welcome to MyRO Forums!!!


* Please make it a habit to read MyRO Bulletin Board before roaming around the forums *

We aim to provide support and become a conglomerate of information for different sections of the game by updating this forum website and sharing our knowledge in our social media branches. Explore and be amazed!

Useful Terminologies:
Forum : Refers to Categories found in MyRO Forum (ex. MyRO Bulletin Board)
User : Refers to ALL REGISTERED users of MyRO Forums, including administrators, moderators, etc.
Thread/Topic : Refers to Topics started at any Forums found in MyRO.
Post : Refers to replies to a particular thread/topic.
Off Topic : Non-related topics and Posts placed on a forum or thread.

Rules on Posting:

1. All Topics and Posts are to be made in a relevant forum and must contain a descriptive and appropriate title.

2. Flaming, Trolling, Insulting or abusing other Players will not be tolerated. Users should always post in a way that is respectful to other players.

3. NO Pornography. Pornography by definition is, the depiction of erotic behavior, material and act intended to cause sexual excitement. source. Pictures, Links, etc are not allowed and will be deleted from this forum.

4. NO discussion, advertising, distribution or posting links of BOTs, 3rd party programs, other private Server and sensitive issues (such as religion).

5. NO Spamming or Double Posting. Posting nonconstructive and without meaning, bumping topics unnecessarily, opening multiple threads are all considered as spamming.

6. NO Plagiarism. Plagiarism as defined,"the deliberate or reckless representation of others' words, thoughts, or ideas as one's own without attribution in connection with submission of academic work, whether graded or otherwise." (Instrument of Student Judicial Governance, Section II.B.1.). Make sure to include author of work, location where obtained and other necessary information when posting works of others.

7. General rules will be enforced in every forum in MyRO Forums. Any Topics or Posts in violation to this rule will be deleted and offenders will be given a warning. Continuous violation will be warned or suspended if necessary. Administrators, Moderators, Game Masters and other teams reserve the right to edit or remove any post at any time guided by the forum rules and regulations.

8. Individual sub-forums of topics (such as games and events) may have additional rules to cater to the forum environment, but the general board rules would still apply.

9. Each player is allowed to have one forum account. Violation of such, especially in the form of participating in forum events will constitute to disqualification from the particular event and is subject for account consolidation. Repeat violators will be banned from accessing the forums.

* If you come across a user/member violating any rule, please report to Forum Moderators. Include link or quote topics/Posts that is in violation of the rules. By doing that, the moderating team will be notified of it and action will be taken. Please note that abuse of this function may lead to you being warned or given suspension. *

Rules on Avatar, Signatures and User bar Accounts:

1. Only one (1) photo, picture/banner/image is allowed for signature. Two (2) or more photos will be removed by moderators and administrators.

2. Signature size will be 800px (width) × 300px (height) maximum.

3. Text in your signature and custom member title should follow forum rules (see above mentioned).

4. Avatar size is 100x100 maximum. Forum avatar will be determined by your forum group or number of Posts.

5. Every member is only allowed one (1) account. Users caught having two (2) or more account will be given a warning or suspended and other account will be deleted depending on the no. of Posts in the account.