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No Multiple Team Rule

Posted: Thu May 02, 2019 3:20 pm
by Altair
No MWM Team shall have 2 or more teams in a specific MWM Scoring Season as well as in the Championships.

No multiple accounts can be used to join multiple teams as this rule is for the player itself and not just for the account or character name.

We shall check each member's IP, PC used, login/logout logs, item trade logs etc at random times during an event and when there is suspicion.

Any team caught violating this rule, even for a single member, will mean an automatic disqualification for 3 consecutive scoring periods for the Team and an automatic disqualification when done on Championship Night as well as the banning of the account(s) involved for 5 days, with items, when proven done intentionally to override the system.

This move will invite more people to form their own MWM Teams and avoid event monopoly as well as shift the "same old same old" mindset of players. Everyone now has an equal chance of competing without monopoly.

Everyone, please be advised.