A Brief Guide for In-game Commands

From leveling to farming, to character builds and various quests, this is your go to section.
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A Brief Guide for In-game Commands

Post by Altair » Mon Mar 18, 2019 9:04 pm

Need some help regarding in game commands? Here's a brief guide for that. When you're logged in the game, you may type "@[the command]" to utilize its corresponding usage.

For example:
@time -- to view the current time in the game
1. accept - Accepts an invitation to a duel

2. alootid - Using @alootid +item name/number will automatically autoloot an item dropped by mobs. Up to 10 items can be added to the autoloot list

3. autoloot - Using @autoloot will make you automatically loot all items dropped by monsters. Using @autoloot + "Value of 1-100" will make you automatically loot items whose drop rates are equal or below your indicated loot chance

4. autotrade - Enters the autotrade mode. This will leave your character online for 6 hours, given that you're using Vending or Reverse Vending skills or items

5. commands - Shows the list of all available in game commands

6. duel - Enters the Duel Mode. See the 'invite', 'accept', and 'leave' commands

7. exp - Shows your current exp gain

8. feelreset - Resets the 'Comfort Skills' of a Taekwon Master

9. flag - When using the @flag 1-9 command, a flag will wave above your head.

10. font - You can change your chat font style when using @font 1-9

11. guild - To create a guild, @guild + "guild name"

12. hominfo - Displays your Homonculus' information

13. homstats - Displays your Homonculus' stats

14. homtalk - @homtalk + message will make your Homonculus talk

15. invite - When in duel mode, you can use @invite + in game name to invite a fellow player to a duel.

16. iteminfo - @iteminfo or @ii + item name will display an item's information, such as price, weight, etc

17. jailtime - Displays how much time is still left for you to get our of jail

18. killable - Enters Killable Mode (Can only be used in towns). Fellow players may be able to attack you

19. leave - Leaves the Duel Mode in progress

20. load - Returns you to your save point (It's like a free butterfly wing)

21. mail - Opens your mailbox

22. memo - Can only be used by characters who have the Warp Portal skill. The Memo command will save your current location so that you can use it to your Warp Portal skill.

23. mobinfo - @mobinfo or @mi + Monster name/number will display a specific monster's information, such as element, race, loots, etc

24. noask - Automatically rejects all invitations like guild invites, party invites, and friend requests. Commonly used at wars and PVPs

25. noks - Protects yourself from kill stealing

26. party - To create a party, just type @party + party name

27. partyoption - Displays a party's settings

28. pettalk - @pettalk + message will make you pet say what you indicated in your message

29. rates - Displays the current exp and drop rates

30. refresh - Refreshes your screen. Use this to get yourself out of bug cells and the like

31. reject - Rejects a duel invitation

32. request - To send a message to all online GMs, use @request + message

33. shopsearch - To look for vendors who sell items you're looking for. use @shopsearch or @ss + Item name/number. If someone if selling the item, a blinking white cross will appear on the mini map

34. showexp - Toggles exp gain on and off when killing monsters

35. showmobs - To look for monster positions in a map, use @showmobs + Monster name/number. A blink white cross will appear on the mini map

36. showzeny - Toggles zeny gain on and off when killing monsters

37. storage - Instantly opens your storage. Cannot be used on war/PVP maps, as well as some event maps

38. time - Shows the current time in the game

39. uptime - Shows how long the server has been upped by * Admin *

40. whereis - To check the map where to find a specific monster, use @whereis + monster name/number. A list of maps will appear, as well as how many of those mobs are summoned in the map

41. whobuy - To look for a buyer of a specific items (someone who used a reverse vending/black market coupon), use @whobuy + item number/name. A list of buyers will appear, as well as their indicated prices

42. whodrops - To check which monster drops a specific item, use @whodrops + item name/number

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