Mora Coins Guide

From leveling to farming, to character builds and various quests, this is your go to section.
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Mora Coins Guide

Post by Ares » Mon Aug 12, 2019 12:23 pm

Want to farm Mora Coins? There are a lot of way to farm it, but here below is the fastest way to farm Mora Coins for your enhancement needs.

Talk to NPC Warper and Warp to Mora


In Mora Village, talk to Euridi (mora 117, 66), then choose "No I didn't" as an answer then choose "I'll help you".


Talk to Pitt at the Mora Inn (mora 65, 145).


Talk to Euridi again and she will ask you to get 30 Lope's Clues.
Go back to your savepoint and gather some potions and foods, then warp to Bifrost Field 1 using the NPC warper. Create a party (no need to invite other player)head to the upper part and speak to Laphine Soldier to enter the Hazy Forest.


Once you're allowed to enter, walk to upper part and speak to the Log Tunnel then you will be warped to the Hazy Forest.

Hunt for a Parus and it will drop Lope's clue, gather 30pcs of it.

Once you got the items in your inventory, go back to Pitt, but DO NOT give him any!!!.

Talk back to Euridi.

Go back and Talk to Pitt and obtain Lope's Ring.

Talk again to Euridi, then Euridi's friend who is standing next to her.

Warp back to Bifrost Field 1 and go to Lope and step over the cell next to him (bif_fild01 131, 338), in the dialogue choose "Talk to him".


Talk to Lope again.

Go back to Euridi and tell her that Lope is dead.

Talk to Euridi's Friend and she will reward you with 10 Mora Coins, 1,000,000 zeny.


Please note that this can only be done 1 time per character, so you'll need to run this quest using another character.

TIP: Make sure that you hunt as many Lope's Clue as much as possible so you won't need to farm for it the next time you start this quest.

Happy Farming!!!! :D :D :ugeek:

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