Hazy Forest

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Hazy Forest

Post by Kreios » Sat May 04, 2019 12:29 pm

Quest Rewards:
1. Fighting Lost Dragon
2. Mora Daily Quest (Mora Coins)

Step 1:
Talk to Laphine Soldier to create the instance.

Image Image
/navi bif_fild01 158/340

Step 2:
Click on the Log Tunnel to enter it. You have 2 hours to complete this instance.

Image Image
/navi bif_fild01 161/355

Step 3:
If you are going through this instance as part of the Mysterious Young Man Quest, talk to the NPC in the first island before proceeding.


Step 4:
Use the map below to help you navigate the forest.

On the islands with a blue star, find the monster with the same name and kill it
On the islands with a yellow, find the Garden Tree and chop it down.


Step 5:
Proceed until you find the Lost Dragon or you are done with either your Mora Dailies or your Wandering Guardian quest.

Step 6:
Alternatively, keep going to the end, kill all the gardeners, and exit to Bifrost Field 2.

That's it thank you and good luck in your journey

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