MVP Hunt

From leveling to farming, to character builds and various quests, this is your go to section.
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MVP Hunt

Post by Absinthe » Wed Apr 03, 2019 9:11 pm

Amon Ra - Sphinx Hat(for Brisingamen Quest)[5053], Amon Ra Card[4236]
Atroce - Ulle’s Cap[5123], Atroce Card[4425]
Beelzebub - Variant Shoes[2423], Beelzebub Card[4145]*, Broken Crown(for Costume: Crown of Deceit Quest)[7754]
Detale/Detardeurus - Detale/Detardeurus Card[4386], Fire Dragon Scale(for Raged Baphomet Horns Quest & Refined Lord Kaho’s Horn Quest)[7451]
Dracula - Ancient Cape(for Berzebub Card Quest)[2507]
Egnigem Cenia - Boss Egnigem Card[4352]
Evil Snake Lord - Evil Snake Lord Card[4330], Pellet(for Berzebub Card Quest)[7226]
Fallen Bishop Hibram - Fallen Bishop Hibram Card[4441]*
Garm/Hatii - Fang of Garm(for Brisingamen Quest)[7036]
Gloom Under Night - Gloom Under Night Card[4408], Will of Red Darkness(for Hairband of Reginleif Quest)[7566]
Golden Thief Bug - Golden Thief Bug Card(for Refined Lord Kaho’s Horn Quest)[4128]
Gopinich - Ixion Wings(for Berzebub Card Quest)[1737]
Hardrock Mammoth - Hard Skin(for Immune Shield Quest)[6022]
Ifrit - Ifrit Card[4430]
Kiel D-01 - Kiel D-01 Card[4403]
Kraken - Slotted Saphien's Armor of Ocean[2347], Kraken Card[4525]
Ktullanux - Ktullanux Card[4419]
Lady Tanee - Lady Tanee Card[4376]
Leak - Leak Card[4520]
Queen Scaraba - Queen Scaraba Card[4507]
Gold Queen Scaraba - Gold Queen Scaraba Card[4509]
RSX 0806 - RSX 0806 Card[4342]
Satan of Morroc - Dark Bacilium[5808], Diabolus Boots[2433], Diabolus Armor[2375], Diabolus Robe[2374]
Tao Gunka - Gemstone(for Berzebub Card Quest)[7300]
Thanatos - Memory of Thanatos Card[4399]*, Skeletal Armor Piece(for Berzebub Card Quest)[7450]
Tendrillion - Tendrillion Card[4463], Horn of Tendrillion(for Immune Shield Quest)[6033]
Valkyrie - Valkyrja’s Shield(for Immune Shield Quest)[2115], Valhalla’s Flower(for Hairband of Reginleif Quest)[7510]
Valkyrie Randgris - Valkyrian Armor[2357], Valkyrian Shoes[2421], Valkyrian Manteau[2524], Randgris Card[4407], Valhalla’s Flower(for Hairband of Reginleif Quest)[7510]
Vesper - Vesper Card[4374]
White Lady/Bacsojin - White Lady Card[4372]

*Once looted, the item will be account bound.
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