November 2019 Top QTB Breaker : PYN Kenn [2-Peat]

Quest Treasure Box Breakers are your friends brave enough to defeat the new meta?
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November 2019 Top QTB Breaker : PYN Kenn [2-Peat]

Post by Leoneis » Sat Nov 23, 2019 10:55 pm

PYN Kenn

banner designed by: Omega
Article by: Omega

Planning his every move from day 1, this guillotine cross has been consistently been playing since the golden age of MyRO. He's none other than PYN Kenn, a player from payon who wants to prove himself that he's worth of the QTB Breaker this month. He and his friends will make your PVP a living hell, with a 12 man party who dominates this months QTB breaks! Making their enemies left hanging with no seconds to spare.

We have seen this players determination, everytime the server shouts that it's time for the QTB event, their GM is already waiting for an emergency call securing their space and defending it from those invaders. With a 12 players party they are pure defense mode. No one hesitates to break the qtb box as they know they have no chance. When there's no one online but him, he strives hard to steal the QTB box just for the loots. We all know where it all ends up with......... their pet yoyo.

He won last months qtb breaker and now still defending his title, are we going to assume that he will be crowned next months QTB breaker as well? Who would defy this player? We'll found out on our next month's QTB!

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