April 2019 Top QTB Breaker : Bellamere

Quest Treasure Box Breakers are your friends brave enough to defeat the new meta?
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April 2019 Top QTB Breaker : Bellamere

Post by Navi » Thu Jul 04, 2019 5:36 am


banner designed by: Suisei
article by: Ence

Bellamere with his pet yoyo, hailed as our New QTB Breaker this month! Defeating his enemy Guillotine Impact with just barely few QTB breaks! This month's QTB is a battle between two faction. Those emergency calls and those restocking of pots moments making your heart rushing. Bellamere and his friends has proven that they are better than the other faction making him our QTB this month.

Communication is the key in every event, one can not achieve victory if they are not good in communication. Strategizing their every move and making sure that the team is ready before the battle, they have dominated the QTB breaks! Their other faction did not cope up with the breaks with just 6 breaks difference from our QTB breaker.

Are we going to see the other faction again next month? Are they going to eliminate our QTB breaker this month? We'll find out on our next QTB event!

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